Energy Healing Reiki Animals

Reiki is a form of energy therapy that draws upon universal energy to promote healing, health and balance in the body, mind and soul. A gentle, non-invasive practice, Reiki may also be used to promote animal healing.

Reiki Animal Healing

If you’ve ever seen a dog or cat happily surrender to a belly rub, you’ve witnessed how animals react to the combination of intention, energy and touch. Reiki for animals strives to make full use of this potential.

Animal Reiki works in the same manner as Reiki for people—a trained practitioner sends Reiki energy to a client, and this energy helps heal physical or emotional distress.

Practicing Animal Reiki

Because Reiki for animals is practiced on clients who won’t necessarily bark—let alone talk—on cue, animal healing requires some special attitudes and techniques.

To begin with, practitioners are encouraged to approach animals slowly and respectfully, so that the animal can get a sense of their intentions. In some cases, Reiki animal healing proceeds smoothly after this first meeting, and the animals will allow practitioners to touch them. Animals who are used to being groomed are good candidates for this type of hands-on animal healing. Some animals will even cooperate by situating their bodies in exactly the right position for Reiki healing.

At other times, however, the animal will only remain calm when the practitioner’s hands simply hover over them. Animals may hold still for longer in this position than they would during a hands-on session. The standard hand positions for human Reiki are used and adapted for Reiki animal healing.

In other instances of using Reiki for animals, the animal won’t want to be touched at all, and won’t tolerate the close proximity of a practitioner. For a more sensitive or skittish animal, or one used to living in the wild, Reiki is best performed at a distance. In some cases, the animal will not be ready to receive healing energy at all. It is best to honor this wish and schedule another appointment when the animal is ready.

Distance Reiki animal healing is reported to be effective from just a few feet, up to thousands of miles. When hands-on or even close-up contact isn’t practical or safe, distant Reiki for animals is the best option.

When to Use Animal Reiki

As with humans, Reiki for animals can make a serious illness improve, or even disappear. But, sometimes animal Reiki simply makes an animal’s death more peaceful—for the animal and its human companions.

Reiki for animals can complement standard medical interventions, both with sicknesses and injuries. Reiki animal healing can boost and speed physical and emotional recovery; some veterinarians even have Reiki trained staff on hand for animal support.

Reiki for animals can be used for many conditions, including:

  • Allergies
  • Hyperactivity
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Training issues and behavior problems
  • Trauma (abuse, move or grief).

Using Reiki animal healing will not interfere with a veterinarian’s treatment. In fact, Reiki will often help to calm down and soothe an anxious and unhappy animal.

If you’re interested in pursuing Reiki for animals, you can either search for a Reiki clinic or find a veterinarian or animal handler that is trained to practice Reiki animal healing.


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