Energy Healing Distant

Distance healing, or distant energy healing, is a form of energy therapy in which the practitioner directs healing energy to an individual from a distance.

Whether you call it prayer, level III Reiki, Pranic Healing, or long distance healing, healing from a distance involves similar approaches and assumptions, even if practitioners come to it from different backgrounds.

The basic belief shared by all forms of long distance healing is that one person’s healing thoughts, or direction of focused healing energy, can have a positive effect on someone from a distance.

Forms of Distance Healing

Two basic schools of thought exist regarding distance energy healing. The first consists of those who call what they do prayer, combining healing from distance with a specific spiritual tradition, like Christianity. The second are people who consider distant energy healing to be a form of meditation or energy healing.

With prayer thrown into the mix, distant energy healing may well be the most commonly practiced form of complementary and alternative medicine. Offering prayers for the sick or injured is a common religious practice. For the religious, a higher power is the essential force behind distance healing.

For some, distance energy healing is tied to a universal concept of energy, rather than a specific religious tradition. From this perspective, distance healing works because the healer is able to tap into the energy field of the person needing help and direct the healing energy found in the universe to where it is needed.

What Skeptics Say About Distance Energy Healing

Skeptics claim that because no evidence exists that thoughts can affect the physical world, long distance healing with thoughts alone can’t work. Any improvements seen after distance healing, they say, are likely due to the patient’s own belief in the distance healing, rather than the healing itself.

But, this “belief” doesn’t account for the fact that animals often benefit from remote healing, without being aware that distant energy healing is even taking place.

The Benefits of Long Distance Healing

Distance energy healing, whether it stems from a traditionally religious background or a more universal approach, is generally used to advance an individual’s overall physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. While people may offer prayers or meditation in a crisis, such as before heart surgery, the focus of this distant energy healing tends to be more general than clinical.

Scientists have studied the effects of long distance healing on AIDS, heart disease, recovery from surgery and more, with mixed results. Some claim studies show that distant energy healing has an effect on patient outcomes, and others dispute these results. As with any type of healing method, success is dependent on the desire of the patient to get well.

Distance healing is generally seen as compatible with other therapies, including traditional medical science. If you’re interested in exploring distant energy healing, discuss it with your healthcare provider.


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