Energy Healing Choosing Practitioner

Picking any type of doctor is one of the most important choices we make, and choosing an energy healing practitioner is no exception. While conventional doctors must meet certain licensing and educational standards to practice, energy therapy practitioners don’t always have similar authorizing bodies and requirements.

Finding an Energy Healing Practitioner

In order to make your energy healing experience as helpful and healthy as possible, here are some tips for choosing an energy healing practitioner:

  • Referrals: Good references are important when you’re choosing an energy healing practitioner. See if friends, family, co-workers and conventional health care providers can recommend an energy therapy practitioner. Once you get a name, get others’ opinions about him.
  • Background: After you have a few names, check each practitioner’s background and the form of energy therapy she practices. Use online, print and personal resources to see if she’s a member of any reputable organizations. Frauds and phonies are everywhere, so be thorough.
  • Comfort: Arrange a consultation, and bring a list of questions about the healer’s experience and approach, as well as questions about your health needs. Get ready to listen to your gut or intuition. As you listen to a practitioner’s responses, ask yourself if you feel comfortable around him. Trust and comfort are essential when choosing an energy healing practitioner.
  • Inclusive: No matter what kind of care you seek, choose a provider that will work with you as a partner. Look for someone who listens to you, asks you questions, listens to your answers and responds to your needs. Also, choose a practitioner who can cooperate with other caregivers, especially conventional doctors.
  • Healing approach: Because energy therapy encompasses so many different approaches, choose someone who works in the right style for you. In addition, most forms of energy therapy have certification programs, so check if a practitioner is certified in his field.
  • Experience: Ask how long and where the healer has worked in the energy therapy field. This will help you determine if her energy healing background is right for you, and provide more references for you to check, which you should do.
  • Schedule and payment: Discuss your health issues with the practitioner and ask what kind of treatment plan he’d recommend. Make sure appointments will suit your schedule, and get cost and payment information. When choosing an energy healing practitioner, be specific and upfront about financial matters.


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