Types of Eczema, Their Causes and Treatments Image

Eczema is the medical term for a skin disorder causing inflammation, skin rashes, and intense itching, which can appear anywhere on the body. An estimated fifteen million people in the United States alone exhibit symptoms of atopic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema. Although no cure exists, treatment can reduce and minimize its symptoms.

Many people react unfavorably to visible skin disorders on other people. They avoid touching and even hesitate to approach a person with red blotches or scaly patches. They probably fail to consider how painful their reaction may be to the sufferer, who may experience feelings of shame and loss of self-esteem.

Unfortunately, many people believe that eczema is contagious. People avoid contact with sufferers because they’re afraid that they’ll somehow “catch” skin rashes.

Knowing the facts about common skin disorders may help people become more understanding. This site explains the known facts about eczema and how you can help loved ones who suffer from it.

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