Diet Supplements And Hoodie Supplements

In the last decade, the United States has seen a drastic rise in all types of dietary supplements, ranging from general health supplements to weight loss supplements. Although many people are buying into supplements, the multibillion dollar industry has proven hard to regulate. It is tough to sift through the fads that could potentially damage your body and find the useful dietary supplements.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration launched a press release in 2004 citing that several supplement companies printed misleading information on their products ‘ labels. To make things worse, even products that are made of natural ingredients can pose a threat, as herbs in large doses can cause liver damage.

Given these facts, consumers should approach diet supplements with a critical eye. Before buying, you should know what is marketing hype, what is backed by legitimate studies and what really works.

Ingredients in Diet Supplements

Here is a list of some ingredients commonly found in diet supplements:

  • Ephedra: Ephedra is a notorious herb that has been removed from more recent diet supplements due to its impact on cardiovascular health. Consumers complained of rapid heart beat and anxiety. Many products that contain ephedra have been recalled.
  • Green and Oolong Tea: These teas have many benefits, when consumed in moderation. The extract, however, can cause gastrointestinal upset, headaches or something akin to the caffeine shakes. If taken in proper doses, green tea is a fantastic antioxidant, can help balance glucose levels and can invigorate your metabolism.
  • Bitter Orange: Although this is a natural herb, in a concentrated form it contains high levels of synephrine. This chemical is similar to ephedra and could eventually lead to high blood pressure or heart attack.
  • L-Glutamine: Touted as a type of appetite suppressant, L-glutamine cuts cravings for foods high in sugar, as it regulates the body ‘s sugar levels. Among other benefits, it speeds the healing of wounds and fortifies the immune system. Though it may not provide huge results as far as weight loss is concerned, this diet supplement is generally considered to be safe and will likely produce some positive results.

Top Five Weight Loss Aids

Although many feel that diet supplements are not as beneficial as stated on the label, these are some products that have positive endorsement:

  • Thermadrolâ„¢
  • Xenadrineâ„¢
  • Stacker 2â„¢
  • Hydroxycutâ„¢
  • Zantrex 3â„¢

The Consensus About Diet Supplements

As in most cases, it is up to the discerning consumer to do the foot work and find out which supplements receive the highest reviews. However, don ‘t trust Internet reviews that were written by so-called happy customers. You will often find the best information in unbiased government studies or consumer reports research.

The general conclusion is that while some supplements may help support body function, it is the act of getting on a schedule that benefits most people. Eating a healthy diet and increasing activity levels are the best ways to lose weight and keep it off throughout your life. Any supplement that claims to produce dramatic weight loss in a short period of time should raise some flags.