Cosmetic Surgery Rhinoplasty Safety

Those considering rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery or a “nose job,” should take appropriate safety precautions before undergoing plastic surgery. Whether you’re thinking of having plastic surgery locally or in another country, safety is important.

Many people will agree that the most important decision you can make regarding nose surgery is the surgeon you choose. Making sure your surgeon has a great deal of experience with your particular procedure is important to your safety. Don’t be afraid to ask to see photos of previous clients and for phone numbers of clients who can provide you with firsthand accounts of their experience with the surgeon. If your surgeon is reluctant to provide either of these, that could be a red flag – choose another surgeon.

Patients should also ask surgeons about certifications, where they went to school and any other professional qualifications. Board certification is ideal. Get referrals for surgeons from your doctor or from friends and family who have had plastic surgery procedures done. Speaking with a few different surgeons is a good idea. Finding someone you’re comfortable with is important.

Other safety considerations include learning about the procedure and any risks involved. Learn about the post-surgery procedure and recovery period ahead of time.

Make sure your surgical facility is adequate as well. Many people recommend going with a surgeon and facility approved by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, which is a group that monitors and regulates plastic surgeons.

Some plastic surgery patients are now turning to medical tourism for procedures like nose surgery. Medical tourism means traveling to another country to have your procedure done. Some people combine surgery with a vacation, while others simply get away to save money or avoid any questions from family or friends about their surgery.

Medical tourism can be riskier than at-home surgery. If complications occur, it’s important to know you will be treated adequately and quickly. Also, saving money may not be worthwhile if your surgeon is under-qualified or under-experienced.

Learn about all aspects of surgical safety considerations, including safety of domestic procedures and safety of procedures abroad.

Surgical Safety

Safety is one of the most important aspects of getting nose surgery or any other plastic surgery procedure. Choosing your surgeon is one of the most important parts of having nose surgery. Make sure to get references and see photos of previous nose surgeries your surgeon has performed. Surgical facility information and information on risks and recovery are also important for a patient to get ahead of time.

A qualified, experienced and certified surgeon is one of the most important aspects of surgical safety.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is growing in popularity for nose surgery patients who want to save money, combine surgery with a vacation or avoid the judgment and questions that sometimes come with having nose surgery at home.

However, different countries have different medical standards, and emergency care in the event of surgery complications may not be up to par. Consider all of the risks involved before deciding on medical tourism.


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