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Nose surgery, known in the medical community as a rhinoplasty and in the general population as a nose job, is one of the five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the United States. The procedure is one of the simpler plastic surgery procedures available today and very rarely has complications.

However, just because nose jobs are generally safe does not mean that having nose surgery is a decision to be taken lightly. The procedure does come with a sometimes-lengthy recovery period, so patients need to be willing to be patient to see the desired results. While initial bruising and swelling generally only lasts a few days, puffiness of the nose and face can persist for weeks or even months. This can be difficult for some people.

The best candidates for nose surgery will be those who have thought long and hard about what having nose surgery will mean for them. People who decide on a whim that they want rhinoplasty are not the best candidates for surgery.

In many cases, people who have birth defects or who are very insecure about the appearance of their nose are the best candidates for nose surgery procedures.

Health Requirements for Nose Surgery

Patients considering nose surgery should be in good overall physical health. This will reduce the risk of complications from surgery.

Nose surgery patients should also be in good mental health and have mental stability. Undergoing a change of the appearance can have a drastic effect on some people. Additionally, because puffiness and swelling of the face can last for up to a month, nose surgery patients may become depressed if their appearance is not immediately as they wish it to be.

Those considering nose surgery should ideally be over the age of 18. Those younger than age 18 often do not have the maturity to deal with such a drastic, life-altering change and can be overwhelmed by the surgery and what the recovery period entails.

In some cases, plastic surgeons will consider performing nose surgery on teenagers younger than age 18, but patients should be past their growth spurts and should have a high level of maturity and emotional stability to undergo the procedure.

Rhinoplasty: Reasonable Expectations

Good candidates for rhinoplasty are those people who have reasonable expectations for surgery. Nose surgery will not change your entire appearance and likely will not drastically change your life. Those with extremely high expectations could be disappointed with their surgery results and may sink into depression.

A good plastic surgeon will go over a person’s nose surgery expectations in depth before performing surgery. He will also let a person know whether or not their expectations are reasonable.

Nose Job - Rhinoplasty - Cosmetic Surgery

Seeing photos of patients before and after nose surgery can help patients keep their expectations at reasonable levels.

Only you can know if nose surgery is right for you. Talk to friends and family members, weigh the pros and cons and make sure that you’re in good physical and mental health before making the decision to get a rhinoplasty.


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