Cosmetic Surgery Rhinoplasty Non Surgical Reshaping

Rhinoplasty procedures, also known as nose surgery or as a nose job, are among the five most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. However, the procedure is not for everyone.

Rhinoplasty procedures are very invasive, have a long recovery period and are quite expensive. (The average rhinoplasty procedure cost $3,841 in 2006.) Luckily, people who want to reshape their noses now have another option: non-surgical reshaping of the nose.

Non-surgical nose reshaping can help eliminate bumps and can create an altered curve or contour on the nose. Non-surgical nose reshaping procedures can use any of the following dermal fillers to reshape the nose:

  • BOTOX®
  • Radiesse®
  • Restylane®.

In non-surgical nose reshaping, your doctor will decide which substance will work best for you and will inject it into the desired area.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Reshaping

Non-surgical reshaping has many benefits over traditional plastic surgery of the nose. For one, the procedure is very short, often lasting 15 minutes or less. The procedure is also much less painful than cosmetic surgery on the nose.

Rhinoplasty patients must remain in bed for at least a few days, and it can be weeks before patients can return to all normal activities. Non-surgical reshaping, however, allows patients to achieve results with little or no healing time.

The price of non-surgical reshaping is also a benefit of the procedure. While nose surgery can cost thousands of dollars, non-surgical reshaping can cost as little as $200 per session.

Another benefit for some is that non-surgical reshaping must be performed every few months to keep up the effects. This can be beneficial for those who are unsure as to whether they will be pleased with the effects of nose reshaping.

Drawbacks of Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

While there are many benefits of non-surgical reshaping, there are also a few drawbacks. While some people wish to be able to see the results of nose surgery before making them permanent, others may not want to be burdened with having to redo the procedure every few months.

Additionally, non-surgical reshaping of the nose is more limited than plastic surgery in what it can alter. Cosmetic plastic surgery on the nose can alter virtually any aspect of the nose’s appearance, while non-surgical reshaping is geared mostly toward smoothing out bumps and wrinkles and altering the contour or upturn of the nose.

Also, while non-surgical reshaping of the nose is cheaper than a plastic surgery procedure, patients must also remember that they will need to get the procedure more than once to maintain results. The costs of getting the procedure can add up and can eventually surpass the cost of a nose job.

Good Candidates for Non-Surgical Reshaping

Most people who elect to have non-surgical reshaping choose the procedure because it is non-invasive and has a short recovery period. Also people who fear anesthesia often prefer non-surgical medical procedures.

Good candidates for non-surgical reshaping are also those people who cannot take a week or two off work to recover from surgery.

In general, people who want results quickly for relatively little cost are the best candidates for non-surgical reshaping of the nose.


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