Cosmetic Surgery Rhinoplasty Costs Financing

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose surgery, nose reshaping or a “nose job,” is one of the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in the United States. In 2006, the national average cost of rhinoplasty was $3,841.

Over $1 billion was spent last year on cosmetic nose surgery in this country alone. The procedure is relatively safe and patients rarely have lasting side effects.

Costs of Nose Surgery

Nose surgery or reshaping can cost thousands, depending on the extent of surgery and the particular surgeon. Comparing the costs of different surgeons is recommended for anyone considering undergoing a cosmetic nose surgery procedure.

A number of patients rely on their medical insurance to cover a nose surgery procedure, only to find out that cosmetic procedures are not covered by their insurance. For the most part, plastic surgery procedures are only covered under health insurance plans when there is a medical need for the nose procedure, such as a deviated septum.

However, this doesn’t mean that patients have no other options for assistance on the cost of their nose surgery.

Nose Surgery Financing Options

Many organizations offer loans that are specifically for cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. Some surgeons also offer payment plans for their patients in which patients can pay off nose procedures and other cosmetic surgeries over a set period of time.

Discuss your financing options with your surgeon. He may be able to recommend financial institutions with good loan options for plastic surgery procedures. Talk to your own bank as well. Banks sometimes offer better loan rates for their own customers.

If you are considering a loan, look into at least three types of loans or financial institutions. Make sure your surgeon gives you an accurate cost estimate ahead of time. You should apply for a loan that covers all costs associated with your nose job, including:

  1. pre-surgery preparation costs
  2. surgery itself, including anesthesia
  3. post-surgery hospital care, if necessary
  4. post-surgery prescriptions and dressings
  5. post-surgery surgeon check-ups.

Your loan may not cover all of these costs, but it’s important to have an accurate total cost estimate ahead of time so that you’re aware of any costs that you will have to incur on your own.

Saving Money With Procedures Abroad

Because of the high costs of nose surgery and other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, many people are choosing to combine surgical procedures with vacations and have their nose surgeries abroad. While many plastic surgeons in other countries do offer the same nose surgery procedures offered in the United States for lower prices, patients have a lot of other factors to consider before deciding to have surgery abroad.

Foreign countries do not always have the same safety standards or requirements that the United States does. Research and careful consideration is necessary for patients considering medical tourism, which is the term given to vacations combined with cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

While this may be a money-saving option, loans and other financing in the United States may be preferable.


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