Cosmetic Surgery Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery that is performed on the nose is known in the medical community as a rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasties are among the five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the United States. In fact, Americans spend more than $1 billion each year on rhinoplasty procedures.

What Cosmetic Procedures Alter

When performed on the nose, cosmetic procedures can alter basically any physical aspect of the nose, including the:

  • angle of the nose to the face
  • bridge of the nose
  • bumps or deformities of the nose
  • length of the nose
  • shape of the nose
  • size of the nose
  • tip of the nose
  • width of the nose.

Birth defects and facial symmetry can also be corrected with nose surgery. These alterations can raise a person’s self-esteem and self-confidence.

Costs of Cosmetic Nose Procedures

Cosmetic nose procedures can be very expensive. Depending on your particular surgeon and the extent of the procedure, costs will vary significantly.

In 2006, the average cost of a nose surgery procedure was $3,841. Patients must also take into account the costs of follow-up care, prescription medications and time taken off from work during recovery.

Most health insurance policies will not cover the costs of cosmetic nose surgery procedures. Insurance companies usually only cover surgical procedures if there is a medical need for the surgery. However, if your insurance company does agree to cover all or part of surgery, check ahead of time with your plastic surgeon to make sure he accepts your type of insurance.

However, just because nose surgery can be expensive doesn’t mean only the wealthy can afford it. Many banks and financial institutions offer loans that are specifically geared toward plastic surgery patients and procedures. Patients can agree on a loan amount and interest rate and pay off their plastic surgery procedure over a pre-determined period of time. Talk to a few banks and financial institutions to ensure that you get the best interest rate.

Some plastic surgeons also offer payment plans through their own offices that allow patients to pay off procedures over time. This will usually require a down payment.

What to Expect: Cosmetic Nose Procedures

Cosmetic nose surgery procedures can be done using a general anesthetic (meaning the patient is put to sleep) or a local anesthetic (meaning the patient is only numbed at the surgical site). Discuss what to expect during and directly after the procedure with your plastic surgeon. He should be able to explain the entire process in a way that you will understand.

With most cosmetic nose surgery procedures, there is a recovery period of at least a few days. The first 24 hours are generally the worst. Patients will have swelling and bruising and will feel pain and tenderness along with a headache. Bleeding may also occur for the first few days.

The painful effects of a cosmetic nose procedure will decrease over time, though puffiness can last a few weeks or even a month. Usually, all dressings and any splints can be removed after a week or two.

Risks of Cosmetic Nose Procedures

While complications with rhinoplasty procedures are very rare, there is always some risk present when you undergo a surgical procedure. Infection and nosebleeds can occur, and blood vessels can burst, causing tiny red spots to appear on the skin. Most of the time, these spots are not permanent, but they can persist for some time.

In rare cases, an additional procedure may be needed after the first nose surgery. This can happen if the results do not come out as expected or if there is a bump or deformity that results from the procedure.


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