Clinical trials are necessary before any new drug or medical treatment becomes available to the general public. A clinical trial (or “clinical study”) examines the effectiveness of experimental treatments and determines how well the treatment works when compared to existing methods. Human testing is an essential step in determining the effectiveness of many drugs and medical treatments, and many thousands of people participate in medical trials each year.

This section contains everything you need to know about clinical trials. You can discover how medical trials work and your rights as a participant. You’ll also learn how signing up for trials allows you to gain access to the best medical facilities and specialists for your condition.

Often, participating in clinical studies gives participants valuable insight about treating their particular medical condition and helps countless others who will benefit from the trial’s results.

Finding Paid Clinical Trials: Making it Easy for You

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find clinical trials that match your needs. Medical trials are currently being held in research sites across the nation; use this section to find a trial close to you. Let us help to match you with the clinical study that best fits your needs and condition.

Don’t See Your Location or Condition?

If you don’t find a nearby trial for the condition you’re looking for, register your interests with us, and we’ll keep you informed. Trials begin for new conditions and in new research locations every day.

Which Clinical Trials Are Right for You?

Not all volunteers are right for all clinical trials. Often, medical researchers have very specific needs and criteria for the studies they perform.

How do you find out if your circumstances match the needs of a particular clinical study? Some trials have online screening forms, which you can use anonymously to determine whether you qualify. Others have call centers whose phone lines are staffed by professionals trained to determine whether you match the needs of their particular trials. You can call them and discover right away whether you qualify for a specific trial.


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