Cholesterol High Exercise

Regular physical activity is important in minimizing the risk of coronary heart disease. A consistent exercise program can reduce LDL and raise the level of HDL. Exercise can also lower triglyceride levels and blood pressure, reduce weight and improve the health and fitness of your lungs and heart.

Aerobic Activity

Aerobic activity greatly benefits the cardiovascular system, so this should be a significant part of any exercise program. Aerobic exercises such as cycling, jogging, walking, tennis and swimming increase heart rate and blood flow.

Seek reputable advice and expertise when designing your exercise program so that it meets your specific needs. Without such expertise you may adopt a program, such as weight lifting, that does little towards lowering cholesterol levels in your blood.

If you’ve been doing minimal aerobic activity for an extended period of time, are overweight or have coronary heart disease, work up to your exercise program gradually and avoid accelerating your heart rate too quickly. For example, you can begin with moderate walking and stair climbing every other day for at least thirty minutes at a time. When you’re starting out, your physician can best determine whether you should have supervision, such as that provided in a cardiac rehabilitation center.

Regular physical activity is important in minimizing the risk of coronary heart disease, so choose activities you enjoy.Fat Burning Exercise and Medications

For people who are overweight, certain diets and medications can help reduce body fat. However, exercise is considered one of the preferred fat burners. Fat burners can target LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and body fat reserves. Fat burners like pills and special diets may specifically target cholesterol and excess body weight but they’re costly and require strict compliance.

Before starting an exercise routine, diet or pills, consult your doctor as improper routines, diets and use of pills can lead to serious adverse effects on your health.

Think Lifelong Activity

To lower your cholesterol levels, you must think “long term.” To make it more likely that you’ll maintain your program for many years, choose activities you enjoy and that yield appropriate heart rates for cardiovascular health.


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