Careers In Reiki

The first step toward securing careers in Reiki is finding a Reiki master in your area who offers classes. Online classes and manuals are available, but practitioners believe Reiki masters are the only qualified instructors of this alternative form of therapy.

How can I Become a Reiki Practitioner?
To become a licensed Reiki practitioner, you’ll need to find an organization that offers classes in your area and has the ability to certify you as a teacher.

While no central body governs the licensing procedures for Reiki, several organizations belong to larger groups of accredited alternative healing institutions. Before you enroll in a class, research the organization and its possible affiliation with a larger Reiki group.

What is the Class Structure?
Reiki classes are offered according to your skill level. While you only need to complete three levels, the entire process could take years. The courses you need to take include:

1. Level I classes are introductory, and teach you the basics of Reiki healing, energy massage and meditation.

2. Level II classes are considered “practitioner level,” and students learn how to practice remote healing, which consists of sending Reiki long distance.

3. Level III classes are “master level” courses, and generally pertain to advanced methods of treatment. Upon the successful completion of a master level course, you’re certified to both practice Reiki and teach Reiki courses.

How Long do Reiki Courses Run?
Courses are typically similar to standard college courses, and many are modeled toward working adults with offerings in the evening. Some Reiki classes are given in intensive, weekend long sessions. Typically the higher levels–level II and master level III courses–will involve longer study sessions. Reiki course offerings come in different structures. Contact your local instructors for exact schedules.

If you’re considering starting at a level-one program, you may want to take all three levels of study with the same Reiki master. Many students benefit from learning from a teacher who can both introduce them to techniques and refine their skills.

How Much do Classes Cost?
It’s common practice for Reiki masters to keep their costs as low as possible. One particular faction of Reiki masters, in pursuit of the attainment of world peace, believes that Reiki should only be taught for free.

Spirituality is at the foundation of Reiki careers, and most Reiki practitioners value cooperation over competition. As a Reiki Master, you can start your own practice or work in a hospital, nursing home or spa.

Before taking any classes, begin with an understanding of the basics of Reiki.