Bladder Disorders

Bladder Problems and Disorders Image

Over 35 million Americans suffer from bladder problems, and yet few people realize just how widespread these problems are. The term “bladder problems ” covers a wide range of disorders, some of which cause pain, urinary incontinence or other complications that affect quality of life.

Patients suffering from urinary incontinence often have difficulty discussing their symptoms with their doctor.

That ‘s the reason for this section: to provide an overview of the various types of bladder disorders for sufferers and their families. The articles provided here should not replace professional diagnosis and care. They do, however, provide a well-rounded description of various bladder problems that may further your understanding of the disease or disorder.

Your doctor should be your primary source of information about the causes and treatment of any bladder problem. Armed with the information provided here you will be better able to discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

This section is divided into multiple articles, covering topics such as bladder infections and interstitial cystitis.