Asthma News

Asthma is a long-term condition that generally begins for many in childhood. As such, it is necessary for asthma sufferers to stay informed of the latest news. Experts are setting forth many new theories about the causes of and treatments for asthma constantly. Theories such as specific breathing techniques and specialized diets, especially those low in antioxidants, are some of the newest fields of research in asthma news.

Similarly, because many different types of asthma can affect a person, one afflicted with asthma should stay abreast of the latest developments concerning his specific type of asthma. Some of the more common types of asthma include allergic asthma, intrinsic asthma and exercised-induced asthma. Each one of these cases has different triggers and, therefore, demands an individual treatment regimen.

Here are some of the latest statistics related to asthma:

  • Nearly twenty million Americans suffer from asthma.
  • Half of all asthmatics have allergic asthma, asthma that flares up as the result of an allergic reaction.
  • Five thousand people die from asthma annually.
  • Asthma is 39 percent more likely to afflict African Americans than Caucasians.

While research and the development of new drugs are ongoing, there is always hope for a cure. Read on to stay informed of the latest developments and new information related to asthma research.

Asthma And Pets

Recent studies on asthma suggest that pets may actually help reduce asthma, rather than just stimulating the condition as experts originally thought. This evidence suggests that early exposure to allergens could potentially prevent the later onset of asthma and allergies.

The study also attempts to explain the increasing incidence of asthma cases within the past twenty years. A theory, known as the hygiene hypothesis, purports that lack of early exposure to allergens, like pet dander, leaves the immune system more susceptible to them later in life. Learn more about the effects of pets on asthma.

Asthma and Obesity

The link between asthma and obesity has been under debate, based on the results of three recently published studies. Teams in the United States, Sweden and Australia all conducted research to investigate the link. While the results appear to be conflicting, the differences may be explained when race is factored in.

Another recent study postulates that dietary fat may explain the connection between asthma and obesity. Learn more about the differences between and importance of each of these studies.