A Checklist Of Breastfeeding Supplies

When beginning your breastfeeding journey, you’ll want the right nursing supplies to battle such conundrums as leaky breasts and projectile spit-up.
First, let’s look at the supplies for breastfeeding that most women consider must-haves.

  • A nursing bra differs from your standard bra in that its cups unhook for easier access. And unlike regular bras, a nursing bra usually doesn’t come with underwire, which can cause some women’s milk ducts to get plugged. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here; read consumer reviews to find a top-rated nursing bra.
  • Breast pads eliminate embarrassment and keep you comfortable in the event of leakage. And we promise, you’re most likely going to leak. Breast pads also eliminate the appearance of your nipples through tops, a common side effect of breastfeeding. You can buy breast pads in disposable, washable and silicone form.
  • Burp clothes come in the perfect shape for draping over your shoulder should your baby spit up. And once your baby starts eating, you will find burp clothes helpful in cleaning her face, hands high chair, clothes… and just about everything else.

If you plan on pumping breast milk so that you can breastfeed after you return to work, pick up these nursing supplies:

  • “You can have it done fast or cheap, but not both, ” is an expression thrown around in the business world, and you can definitely apply it to the world of breast pumps. Women usually find an electric pump to work significantly faster than a manual–plus, you don’t have to pump by hand—but electrics cost a lot more.
  • Don’t forget the most classic of breastfeeding supplies: plenty of bottles. Choose bisphenol A (BPA)-free bottles, which don’t contain the harmful industrial chemical found in most plastics.
  • You can store pumped breast